Artisan produce made with passion and perseverance that provide not only unique taste, but immerses you in a multi-sensory experience.

Newcastle ’s own Hunt & Gather Markets will curate and provide a boutique retail experience that showcases their cultural innovations via a carefully curated mix of local artisans and style icons. Spend some time in this immersive experience with some artisan retail therapy.

Another world full of spectacle and a place to get delightfully lost. Enter the portal and be pampered, painted all over to transform into your wildest alter ego bathed in glitter . The Other is the ultimate uber chill zone, a tech savvy sensory surrounding space to chill…..or thrill !

Straight off the plane from Ibiza’s summer circuit, the Dazzle Dolls will adorn you in tribal, animal body print, turn your beard into a glitter jungle of its own, and up-style your hair with feathery and flower filled extensions.

There’s music there too! Over on the Other Stage, you’ll be treated to the best emerging producers in the electronic scene playing B2B sets across Trap, House, and Techno.

Part dance party, part art gallery, part cinema – the show takes audiences on a musical journey while the space around them transforms into an array of worlds, real and not yet known.

Combining Ribongia’s energetic live instrumentation and musical prowess with Ego’s surreal visual production and audio-visual performance to create an adventure unparalleled in this universe or the next.

The pair twist and turn through foreign lands, under oceans, and over deserts, from meditative lows to raptured highs – chasing ideas and musical styles from their origins, near and far, to the fringes of the universe and back again.

The flood of sights and sounds bringing every surface and particle in the room to life, taking the room and the audience through a metamorphosis of their imagination.