Froth & Fodder

Artisan produce made with passion and perseverance that provide not only unique taste, but immerses you in a multi-sensory experience.

Young Henry’s – Ale,  Six String Brewery – Ale and Cider,  East 9th Brewing Company – Lick Pier Midnight Ginger Beer, Future Memoirs of a Root Beer, Pirate Life Brewery – Throwback IPA

Cocktails, sun, socials and tunes…..fresh cut  on all levels! Work your way around the bars and quench yourself on boutique bevvies.

Super Chill Vodka O, Agave Blue Tequila, Jack Daniels Tennessee  Whisky

Bringing more to the music, the festival food experience takes you on its own journey….

Fresh from the Yatai: Japanese Street Food
Get your fill of Japanese comfort food; from areas like Hokkaido and Hiroshima, this year’s festival food will have alleys dedicated to regional specialties: miso ramen and okonomiyaki!

Feel like eating food in a market-like setting in a festival? Like Japan’s infamous Fukuoka, you will be whisked away into Japanese styled enclave dotted with backstreet, laneway styled food stalls. yatai at Live at the Foreshore, for many, will be the best opportunity to try some Japanese street culture first hand.

In fact, one could say that the atmosphere of an immersive experience is that of a street food market.

Nagisa Japanese Restaurant – Gyoza Bar
Schillykickk, – Japanese Fusion Taco
Maverick – Wings, Kimchi Coleslaw
Shisofine – Gyoza, Yakitori
Sakura on Wheels – Udon, Teriyaki, Tempura
Tsuru – Japanese Fusion Street Fair

If you don’t feel like traipsing your tastebuds around the world, we will have some festival delights on offer as well…food trucks, sweet treats and Newcastle’s own savoury treasures for you to discover.

Direct from the post-industrial architecture of Newcastle’s west end, The Edwards steps out into This That as the VIP caterer.

Owners Chris Joannou and Chris Johnston have curated a festival special menu for an exclusive VIP space that provides a superbly designed environment offering good hearty food, a great café culture that is all anchored within Newcastle’s favourite festival floorplan .

If you’re not hungry, saddle up to the bar. The VIP Bar will be matched to the menue with The Edwards offerring up an integrated froth and fodder menu.