saturday 3rd nov | wickham park, newcastle 18+

Froth & Fodder (18+)

Artisan produce made with passion and perseverance that provide not only a unique taste but immerses you in a multi-sensory experience. The experience is premium, with a summer afternoon session in mind. The sun will set in style with premium suds, ginger brews and savoury aperitif mixes.

suds: the beard strokers

Heineken 3

New Heineken 3, a lower calorie, lower carb lager that tastes great! Heineken 3 is an award-winning mid- strength lager that has a full bodied, fresh and clean taste, with a floral, fruity aroma from the addition of Cascade hops and the use of the exclusive Heineken® A-yeast. Its bitterness enhances a smooth and balanced flavour. Heineken 3 was voted Best Tasting Lower Calorie lager at 2013 &2014 World Beer Championships and a 2015 Gold Winner at European Beer Star Awards for best Best German Style Leichtbier.

Matso’s Ginger Beer

Made to a well-guarded recipe known only to a select few, Matso’s Ginger Beer is a legend among Kimberley locals and savvy visitors. Those ‘in the know’ appreciate that any trip to Broome is not complete without a pint or two of this longstanding favourite. Now that it’s more widely available, just pour it over ice for immediate refreshment wherever you are. Matso’s Ginger Beer is perfect for long hot afternoons in good company, and for those occasions when you’re not looking for a normal beer.


Vodka, Gin & Jack

Smirnoff Vodka Lime & Soda, Tanqueray & Tonic, Jack & Ginger and Lynchburg Lemonade, a Jack Daniels specialty…moreish mixers for cooling down in a sun-soaked session! Don’t forget the festival fave, Vodka Red Bull to wind up the vibes and feel it in your bones!


THE JD CONTAINER THE JD CONTAINER An Australian festival first, Jack Daniels container newly customised will premier at This That, serving bespoke festival batch mixes.

PIMMS n Punch

With a reddish tint, and tastes subtly of spice and citrus fruit, and, as a summer long drink, A Pimm’s is the standard cocktail to get your summer garden vibe on!


Not only does Red Bull give you wings….its twirling your pixie fringe with softies that are soft on your health! A premium range of Certified Organic soft drinks made with ingredients from natural sources. Organics by Red Bull comes in four variants:
Simply Cola, Bitter Lemon, Ginger Ale and Tonic Water.

ORGANICS by Red Bull are made with natural flavours from plant extracts and are certified Organic by IMOswiss AG. Refreshingly new – not an Energy Drink.