Sublimely talented singer songwriter, dance artist and producer Tigerilla is excited to reveal the video for new single, MERRYGO. A quirky, catchy pop dance track featuring vocals from Dominique Young Unique, it is accompanied by a very unique / wonky video!

Tigerilla explains, “MERRYGO is the next evolution for Tigerilla. Using a similar sonic structure to my last single, this track is made to bang in a club or get wonky to whenever you hear it. Think NERD meets Azealia Banks. Most of the beat was made using cool retro outboard gear, which allowed me to make this track unique with the choice of sounds you hear.
Dominique Young Unique features on the vocals with her attitude-ridden flow and charming delivery. Once DYU added her vocals to the track I immediately felt a spark that I felt needed to be shared with fans and listeners alike!