Purple Sneakers has existed for the past twelve years with the purpose of showcasing emerging club music from Australia and around the world. Bringing together an enthusiastic team of contributors from across the country, Purple Sneakers is the centre of a forward thinking, music loving community. Purple Sneakers DJs have been central in continuing this ethos, taking it to clubs and festivals all over the world. From the early days at the Abercrombie to now, they’ve played just about every Australian festival there is to play and have participated in campaigns for brands like Nike, Converse, Adidas and many more.

Over the years, the Purple Sneakers DJs roster has featured the likes of Purple Sneakers’ founder Martin Novosel, Nick Luke (Moonbase), Gabe Gleeson (Indian Summer), Randall Stagg (Fresh Hex) and more.

Now in 2018, Purple Sneakers DJs are moving forward with a new chapter. Purple Sneakers DJs: Next Generation celebrates a new generation of creatives who are passionate about what they do and are ready to impart the work of tasteful young artists upon dancefloors everywhere.

The new lineup features FBi Radio/Pretty Broad’s Caitlin Medcalf, Purple Sneakers Subeditor Holly O’Neill & FBi Radio’s Eddy Diamond, and is managed by Purple Sneakers managing editor, Emma Jones. Each with their own unique path as to how they came to be part of the Purple Sneakers family, they represent a fresh and new part of the Purple Sneakers journey so far. Among all three DJs, they have experienced the industry in their own capacities and bring their own unique sounds, styles and experiences to Purple Sneakers DJs, making shows a diverse experience.

The core members of PSDJ’s may have changed over the years, but if one thing is for sure, it’s that this new team of selectors are dedicated to bringing adaptability, flexibility and a wide scope of music knowledge to the table and dancefloors everywhere. Over the next few months, Purple Sneakers and Purple Sneakers DJs will be celebrating this next generation of the collective with parties, mixes and a whole bunch of other exciting things to come.